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Your Family Dentist In Framingham Helps Kids Stay Cavity Free

Your Family Dentist In Framingham Helps Kids Stay Cavity Free

Your child is prone to cavities – it seems as soon as your little one’s teeth arrived in their mouth that the trouble started. Even as young as your child is, they’ve already had a filling, and you want to prevent the tooth decay that causes dental caries from affecting your child’s smile more drastically. So, you head to your trusted family dentist in Framingham. And thankfully, Dr. Mark Fried teaches you what you can do to protect your child’s smile from further cavities. Learn tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy and bright in this post.


Before we talk about how to prevent cavities, let’s talk about why kids are so prone to them in the first place. Dr. Fried explains:

  • Kids are inundated with sugary treats.
  • Kids are still developing hand-eye coordination, which makes brushing and flossing properly a challenge.
  • Kids often inherit bacteria from their parents by sharing beverages, utensils, or when adults use their own mouth to clean their children’s pacifiers.
  • Although the term “soft teeth,” is mostly a myth, in rare instances, some children are born with a condition called Amelogenesis Imperfecta. This disease causes thin enamel that is often pitted, discolored, and more susceptible to cavities.

But regardless of why your child gets cavities, there are quite a few things you can do to prevent them, so follow the strategies from Dr. Fried below to keep your child cavity-free and set them up for a lifetime of dental success.


Fluoride toothpaste is crucial in helping kids remineralize the enamel on their teeth. Using this natural mineral helps to fill in the small pits that form as the result of acid attacks from oral bacteria, preventing the beginning stages of cavities. Feel free to use any flavor your child likes – from bubble gum to strawberry to watermelon to mint, whatever they enjoy is fine, so long as it has this fluoride in it. And, even if your child likes the way it tastes, make sure they don’t swallow toothpaste, to prevent a cosmetic dentition called dental fluorosis.


There are many things you should do to help your child maintain good oral health, including:

  • 2×2 – As soon as teeth erupt, parents should brush them. At age 2-3, kids should start brushing on their own and should only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • Avoid Sugar – Limit sugar in all its forms, from candies and cookies to fruit juices and sodas. Instead, say cheese and make this dairy product your snack of choice since it helps saliva remineralize enamel.
  • Drink Tap Water – Tap water is fluoridated and helps keep your child’s enamel strong, so this should be your beverage of choice.
  • Bottle Decay – To stop cavities, only give your child water in a bottle when laying them down to sleep. Juices and even formula have lots of sugar that makes bacteria and cavities thrive.
  • See Your Dentist – No later than their first birthday, take your son or daughter to their children’s dentist in Framingham. After that, kids should see Dr. Fried every six months, just like Mom and Dad. We can help with safe, topical fluoride treatments and dental sealants for vulnerable molars in the back of your child’s mouth.

Now that you know what to do to help prevent cavities in your children, schedule an appointment for your son or daughter with Dr. Mark Fried to keep their smiles shining brightly!

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