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At our office we do everything possible to provide positive early experiences for the children we see. We sincerely believe that children’s early experiences will shape how they feel about coming to the dentist during their lifetime and by making coming to the dentist fun we will help them maintain their teeth for their lifetime. Fluoride has revolutionized dental care, and with Framingham’s water being fluoridated combined with fluoride treatments we provide in the office, many of the children we see have few if any cavities compared with children from the pre-fluoride era. Should your child need to have cavities filled we will provide the most comfortable experience possible and try to maintain their positive view of going to the dentist.

That same approach continues with adults. We know that many adults are nervous about coming to the dentist for a number of reasons. We will work with you and help you overcome whatever fears you may have. Advances in modern treatment have made it easier than ever to have your teeth restored.

Preventive Dentistry

Fortunately or unfortunately most dental problems, including cavities and gum disease, may not be painful until they have progressed to the extreme. Fortunately, in the sense that you won’t have pain. Unfortunately, because it’s easy to overlook situations until they have caused significant problems. Taking a preventive approach can often catch issues while they are small and easily resolved, and help minimize the chances of major problems occurring.

Different Types of Preventive Dental Treatments

Professional Dental Cleaning

While daily brushing and flossing are important for proper oral hygiene, professional dental cleaning is the most effective technique to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Plaque becomes trapped between the teeth and gums, making it difficult to eliminate with brushing alone. Dentists use specialized equipment to remove plaque from the gums and between the teeth. At these visits, we will check your teeth and gums and notify you of any issues we may see.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

Dentists use a variety of equipment to examine your mouth health in depth. An oral exam will make it simple to spot any early signs of cavities, gum disease, and other disorders that require treatment.

Diagnostic Tests

If our dentist suspects a problem with your oral health, they will do diagnostic tests such as X-rays to determine the severity of the condition. These findings will also be used to develop the optimal treatment strategy for you.

Oral Hygiene Education

Everyone should be taught how to brush their teeth and floss properly. Depending on the patient's current state, our dentists or hygienists may also propose different types of oral care techniques.

Preventive Medicaments

Should you be especially cavity or gum disease prone, recent advancements in dental materials have provided us with new medications that can help. Silver Diamine Fluoridehas been shown to stop decay and can be simply painted on your teeth.  We also use filling materials that are bioactive and antibacterial. Probiotics that are specifically designed to improve oral bacterial flora can help improve tendencies for decay and gum disease. Timed release localized antibiotics delivered to areas between teeth and gums can help improve certain gum conditions.

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