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Safe, Expert Dental Implants in Farmingham, MA

Safe, Expert Dental Implants in Farmingham, MA

Missing teeth can lead to jawbone deterioration, and traditional dentures can slip and slide. Dental implants are a safe, secure option to replace a single tooth or a full arch. Dr. Mark Fried provides professional implant dentistry in Farmingham, MA.


Missing teeth can lead to jawbone deterioration and cause the surrounding teeth to shift. Some patients even experience facial sagging. Dental implants are a great option to replace one tooth or a full upper or lower arch. Because dental implants fuse with your jawbone and anchor enamel-like porcelain caps, they offer a natural look and feel. In Farmingham, MA, Dr. Mark Fried works with Dr. Maria Thomas and Dr. Erin Breen, to provide professional dental implant consultation. Our doctors’ guidance will help you determine if implants can offer you optimal oral health.


Through a process called osseointegration dental implants fuse with your jawbone creating an anchor for one or more crowns or a full denture. There are numerous implant options to meet all bite health needs. Our office provides single dental implants, implant bridges and implant-supported dentures.

Each type of implant relies upon the same technology. A titanium post is implanted below the gums. Through osseointegration, the post fuses to the jawbone and works like the roots of natural teeth. After the post fuses, a natural looking porcelain cap, bridge or dentures are anchored to the post. These porcelain teeth are custom made to look and feel like your own teeth.


Single tooth implants are available to replace individual missing teeth. While patients often choose not to replace a single tooth due to the pain associated with bridges and the increased likelihood of decay in the connected teeth, jawbone deterioration and dental drift caused by the excess space between teeth can have detrimental long-term effects on oral health. Single dental implants are one option available to our patients.


For those who are missing two or more consecutive teeth, an implant bridge might be a better option than a traditional bridge. Implant bridges connect directly to the posts rather than to surrounding teeth. Unlike removable bridges, implant bridges are more permanent and do not have to be removed for cleaning. Implant bridges are an especially good option for patients who suffered tooth loss due to decay because it is easier to continue dental hygiene routines. The replacement teeth are not connected to the surrounding teeth decreasing the likelihood that debris will remain in the dental gaps causing bacterial growth that can lead to further decay.


Even with improvements in dental adhesives, traditional dentures are notorious for shifting and slipping. Implant dentures connect securely to the gums significantly reducing dentures movement. Additionally, the more solid connection makes it possible to eat many foods not recommended for denture wearers like apples, steaks or corn on the cobb. Implant-supported dentures can still be removed for easy-thorough cleaning.


Dental implants have numerous benefits. They look and feel more like natural teeth. This makes it easier to continue your dental hygiene routines and keep eating the foods you love. Implants can also decrease or prevent jawbone density deterioration by replacing the roots and provide support and structure. Additionally, implants can significantly decrease bite discomfort associated with other tooth replacement options. Because they function more like biological teeth, implants support overall oral health.


Unlike other replacement options, which can be completed relatively quickly, because implants rely upon osseointegration, there is a more significant time commitment. Many patients are concerned with the amount of time they will need to wait for the posts to fuse before receiving their replacement teeth. It can take several months before the posts have fully integrated. Additionally, there are a small percentage of patients who do not have successful implantations. Our doctors take the time to thoroughly examine your overall health to ensure that only patients with a high likelihood for success consider implants. The national success rate according to the American Dental Association is 98%.


If you are missing one or more teeth but are healthy enough for routine medical procedures (any pre-defined course of treatment with minor health risks), dental implants may be the right option. It is impossible to know for sure without a full dental examination and consultation. Our staff is happy to schedule an appointment today. Call us during our operating hours (Monday – Friday and Saturday by appointment) with any questions or help scheduling an appointment to fit your busy schedule. We accept all patients from Framingham, MA, Ashland, Natick, Southborough, and the surrounding region.

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