Mark Fried, DMD

Get Your Dream Smile with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Framingham

Get Your Dream Smile with Your Cosmetic Dentist in Framingham

Cosmetic dentistry has become an increasingly popular service sought by people from all walks of life. It is believed roughly half of adults are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. With the appearance of your smile directly linked to impacting your confidence, cosmetic procedures allow you to smile brightly with added confidence. Now, advancements in dentistry allow for a number of simple and effective procedures to be used to completely transform the appearance of the teeth and gums. As a cosmetic dentist in Framingham, Dr. Mark Fried understands just how important an attractive smile is in regards to how you feel about yourself. Using a variety of services, you are able to achieve the dream smile you have always wanted.


Research shows that the appearance of your smile plays a large role in your confidence and how others view you. Often, first impressions are negatively impacted by an unattractive smile. As a result, many have come to find that social and career prospects tend to decrease due to cosmetic flaws of the teeth and gums. However, with cosmetic dentistry, you can change how others view you and how you view yourself.
After undergoing a consultation to evaluate the current health and appearance of your teeth, customized treatment plans are created to allow you to reach your desired results. The procedures performed can include one or more of the following:

  • Cosmetic Dental Bonding—Cosmetic dental bonding is a simple and noninvasive option to enhance the appearance of your teeth. Using a composite resin material that is customized to match your enamel color, chips, cracks, and other flaws can be fixed. This is the ideal option for those who need shapelier teeth, such as those who have shorter than average teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening—Nothing dulls your confidence more than a discolored smile. Tooth discoloration is a natural part of aging and simply unavoidable. However, discoloration can intensify due to lifestyle habits, poor oral hygiene, and stain-causing foods. You can restore a bright, white smile with professional teeth whitening. The professional grade whitening agent deeply penetrates the enamel to drastically whiten the teeth. You will enjoy a more youthful smile as your teeth become shades whiter.

  • Porcelain Veneers—Porcelain veneers have become one of the top cosmetic procedures requested. By attaching the thin false fronts to the teeth, cosmetic flaws are instantly hidden. You will enjoy a natural-looking smile while your teeth become shapelier and more proportionate. Using a minimally invasive procedure, you will enjoy whiter, straighter, and more attractive teeth overall.


If you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, it is time to consider cosmetic dentistry in Framingham. There are a number of simple and effective treatments to transform your smile for added confidence.
Dr. Fried will perform the evaluation needed to determine if cosmetic dentistry is right for you. If you are ready for a smile makeover, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.
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