Mark Fried, DMD

Teeth Whitening Framingham, MA, Residents Can Smile About

Teeth Whitening Framingham, MA, Residents Can Smile About

Think of all the things we humans do to make ourselves presentable every day. We wear shoes and clothing that are clean and stylish. Our hair is washed, brushed and maybe even colored. (We won’t tell anyone.) If you’re a woman, then you may also spend some time applying makeup, while the guys shave or trim their beards. Despite all of this preparation, there is still one thing that has more impact on a first impression than anything else—your smile. With a smile that is clean and bright, you radiate confidence and friendliness. To help you have this smile, Dr. Mark Fried and our dental care team in Framingham, MA, offer teeth whitening 01701 area residents can rely on to boost their appeal.

If you could look at pictures of your smile arranged chronologically from childhood through adulthood, you might notice a gradual change in the color of your teeth. Like all the rest of our body parts, our teeth succumb to the effects of aging, too. So, what started out white and shiny may now be yellowed and dull. Other than Father Time, the other causes of tooth discoloration include:

  • The foods and beverages people enjoy regularly, such as ketchup, mustard, chocolate, coffee, red wine and cola.
  • Tobacco products, both smoking and chewing, contain nicotine, which darkens teeth
  • Certain drugs, like the antibiotic tetracycline, discolor teeth. Likewise, some chemotherapy may have the side effect of tooth discoloration
  • Hairline cracks in our teeth that are invisible to the naked eye can eventually lead to staining, because of the food particles they trap
  • If you grind and clench your teeth at night, this too may cause cracks that hide stains


For teeth whitening that is convenient and reliable, Dr. Fried offers a take-home teeth whitening kit. With this kit, you can whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home, you don’t need to make time for another appointment in your busy schedule and you can whiten when the time is best for you during the day. We will take molds of your teeth, so the mouth trays you receive with your whitening kit will fit snuggly enough to hold the whitening gel perfectly in place. And the whitening gel we provide is professional strength, so the results you see will be as good as an in-office treatment. All you have to do is wear the gel and trays as instructed for two to three weeks. You’ll likely notice a difference after one or two treatments, but stick with it for the most dramatic results.


For teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry, Framingham, MA, knows to count on Dr. Fried. Call to find out more or schedule a consultation. We welcome patients from the Framingham area including Ashland, Natick, and Southborough.

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