Root Canal Therapy in Framingham

You’ve probably heard of root canal therapy, but you might not know exactly what the procedure entails or why we might perform it. Root canal therapy (known to some as simply a root canal) is used to treat infected teeth and oral abscesses that could eventually lead to extraction. At our Framingham, MA general dentistry practice, we perform root canal therapy along with other restorative dental procedures to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime whenever possible.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy treats the tissue that runs through the root canal – you may know it as the nerve or pulp of the tooth. This pulp can become inflamed if a cavity leaves it exposed to irritants and bacteria. An abscess can also form at the tip of the tooth root. Root canal therapy involves the removal of this infected and irritated pulp to eliminate the problem (which can lead to severe chronic tooth pain) and keeping the problem from becoming worse.

If you’re nervous about the possibility of root canal therapy, know that modern treatment techniques make it more comfortable than you’d probably assume. But we also offer sedation dentistry options, which can take the edge off any anxiety you might feel about root canal therapy.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

How do you even know if you need root canal therapy? If you’re experiencing chronic tooth aches or sensitivity, get a checkup. We can tell you if you might need root canal therapy or some other kind of dental treatment to overcome the problem. For Framingham, Natick, Ashland, Sudbury, Hopkinton, Holliston, or Southborough, Dr. Mark Fried and the team at our office offer preventiverestorative, and cosmetic dentistry to help you experience better living through excellent dentistry. Contact us today!