Restoring Framingham Smiles Dental Crowns & Bridges

There are a lot of ways your smile can become damaged. A tooth can be chipped, cracked, broken, or decayed. Teeth can also require extraction, leaving behind an empty space that causes you to be exposed to all kinds of other dental health and function problems. Crowns and bridges can be used to correct a variety of dental damage problems, and Dr. Mark Fried will make sure that you get aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional dental restorations at our Framingham, MA dental office.

Differences Between Dental Crowns & Bridges

Crowns fix problems like extensive decay, chips, cracks, and fractures. Let’s say there’s a long fracture at the base of your tooth. You may not even realize it, but you might feel sharp sensitivity when you bite down or consume hot or cold foods and beverages. This is a case in which a crown might be able to save your tooth and stop the problem. A very long time ago, the only solution dentists had to most tooth problems was to remove the tooth. However, in a case like this one, we can actually create a tooth-shaped cap that fits right over the fractured tooth!

A bridge can be used to replace missing teeth, relying on crowns to hold the bridge in place. A single replacement tooth or row of a few replacement teeth are attached to crowns that fit over the remaining healthy teeth. Bridges are more reliable than dentures, although a bridge can only work if there are remaining teeth healthy enough to support crowns.

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